🍰 Plan An Afternoon Tea Party And We’ll Guess Which Decade You Were Born

When you hear the words “tea party”, what’s the first image that pops up in your head? Do you think of a posh, Victorian era-style affair with tiny sandwiches, elegant decor and British people drinking tea with their pinky fingers up? Or does the mental image of Alice In Wonderland appear in your mind’s eye? Traditionally, tea parties were meant for both posh people and the working class. Nowadays, the idea of an afternoon high tea has become more commonplace.

In modern times, people focus on the snacks and cakes in addition to the tea, including scones, mimosas, and savory pastries. When planning tea parties, the decor is also important, from the tablecloths to flowers to name place cards. If you like the sound of a tea party, we’ve got a great quiz for you!

Pretend you are throwing a tea party. Plan it out carefully and pick out the food you’d like to serve. Based on what you choose, we can guess which decade you were born!