๐Ÿ‘— Rate Some Bad Celebrity Outfits And We’ll Reveal What % Optimistic You Are

Celebrities are expected to be well-dressed and look good, especially when they’re on the red carpet. While some manage to shine, not everyone can hit the high notes when it comes to fashion. When celebs come out in awful outfits, it makes us wonder why they make such choices. But there’s more to getting ready for the red carpet than meets the eye.

Did you know it’s a faux pas for an A-list celebrity to purchase a gown to wear? Yes, top celebrities only wear items from the latest lines, loaned by fashion houses. This means they may be forced to wear outfits they may not be fond of, in order to maintain a good business relationship. Fittings can take up to four hours and hair and makeup may take two to three hours. Let’s be honest, wouldn’t you be tired by the end of the long hours to care about how you look?

You get to be a fashion critic in this quiz! Rate the following celebrity outfits in all their terrible fashion glory as you see fit and we will determine exactly how optimistic you are.