Rate These Iconic Movies From 1 To 5 And We’ll Guess Your Generation

Films have the ability to define various generations; they are very relatable and loved especially by the people of that era. Take The Wizard of Oz for example. For people from the silent era, they appreciate hard work and the resulting successful life as shown in the film. Baby boomers relate a lot to The Graduate, as children and parents search for the missing piece in the puzzle.

The attitude of Generation X was captured in the film, Risky Business. Many of these independent people related to the lack of parental guidance and the coming-of-age story. The millennials have varying experiences, but an essential film that represents the early ages is The Breakfast Club. It is the quintessential way to describe a high school experience.

Rate the following films based on how much you like them, and we will be able to guess accurately which generation you are from!