Rate These Food/Condiment Combos And We’ll Reveal How Old You REALLY Act

There are some food items you would think never can go well together. Just imagining them put together triggers your gag reflex. But for some foodies, they are adventurous enough to experiment and find a new yummy food combination. Do any food-condiment pairings that you love or hate come to mind?

One such combo that recently caused a stir on social media was putting hot Cheetos into a bowl of milk. Have you tried it? People who can’t stand the spice level of the snack believe the milk helps to temper it. What about putting chocolate on a cheese pizza? Does the sound of it intrigue you or put you off immediately? Some people also enjoy adding a sweet topping to an already salty and savory item for a contrasting set of flavors in one dish.

We’ve lined up some food and condiment combinations that may seem familiar or quirky to you. Tell us what you think about them, and we will tell you how old you actually behave!