This Relationship Deal Breaker Test Will Tell Us How Long You’ve Been Single

Everyone has a few (or many) relationship deal breakers, qualities that deter us from continuing or starting a relationship with someone who possesses at least one of the traits. When deciding on a partner, such deal breakers can be useful in narrowing down the pool of potential mates. Then, focus on their positive traits!

Common characteristics that are turn-offs include laziness, neediness, low self-confidence, and the lack of a sense of humor. But the most common one is when someone has a disheveled appearance. People tend to turn away when a person doesn’t look clean or seems messy and disorganized. Some women also hate it when their partners are too absorbed in television shows or video games. People take that as a sign of immaturity and that further into the relationship, they will get ignored in favor of other entertainment options.

In this quiz, let us know how much some of these common relationship deal breakers affect your selection of potential partners! Your opinions will reveal to us how long it’s been since your last relationship.