☁️ Send These Foods To Heaven Or Hell And We’ll Reveal What Age You Will Live To 🔥

There are some foods that have their own legions of fans who love it, but also have an equally huge group of haters. These foods cause debates all the time. Most of the time it all comes down to personal preferences and the differing cultures we grow up in. Other times it may be due to scientific reasons.

You either love or hate black licorice and that’s likely dependent on the flavor profile you were born with. There may be a part of you that has always loathed the lingering sweetness or the smell of black licorice, and things that taste similar, such as fennel and anise. You could also blame genetics for your distaste for cilantro. People who abhor cilantro are able to smell chemical compounds found in both the herb and soap, which explains why these people think cilantro tastes soapy.

Tell us if the following foods are fit for food Heaven or Hell. Depending on where you send the dishes, we can predict what age you will live to!