🛒 Shop At Walmart And We’ll Guess Your Exact Age

Walmart is an American retailer that sells everything you need under one roof. If you are looking to buy some stuff for yourself, your home, your pet, or for any activity you have in mind, this is the place to go. Walmart is highly successful, with over eleven thousand stores spread across 28 countries. But how did it get to this place?

Formerly a branch of Ben Franklin stores, the first Walmart store was opened in 1945. The focus of this new store was to sell products at low prices, with the consumer being the priority. This proved profitable for the store as it saw a high volume of sales. The first year generated $105,000 in revenue, a high figure in those times.

Do your shopping virtually at a Walmart in this quiz! We have laid out a selection of items for you spanning different categories. Your final purchases will help us guess your exact age!