Rate These Superhero Movies And We’ll Reveal Which Superhero Matches Your Personality

Superhero fans unite! The superhero movie phenomenon began with the first major big-budget film of this genre, Superman in 1978. This kickstarted a slew of films directed at comic book lovers who have always dreamed of seeing their favorite characters come to life. But which movies lived up to the high expectations?

The following ratings are based on fan votes on Rotten Tomatoes. Logan is ranked 3rd. Hugh Jackman is praised for his “gritty, nuanced” portrayal of Wolverine in the midst of a violent but thoughtful film. Wonder Woman is ranked 2nd on the list. As the first studio superhero film helmed by a female director, the movie was thrilling and became the perfect platform for Gal Gadot to showcase how well-suited she is for the role. At the top of the list is Black Panther, with a score of 97%. The movie breaks the barriers of being “just another superhero movie”, with its elevated take on the traditional views of a comic book character.

Here’s your chance to be a critic and rate some of the best superhero movies ever made! Through your ratings, we will match you with a superhero.