Upgrade These Foods And We’ll Guess Your Age, Height, Eye Color, Or Gender

We are all creatures of habit. Sometimes, we get so comfortable with what we are used to, that we are afraid to think out of the box and to try something new. This is especially so when it comes to our favorite food. However, many interesting ingredient combinations are worth trying.

Chocolate mousse may be decadent on its own, but to achieve a silkier texture, you may consider adding avocado. Not only do you get to reap its nutritional benefits, the superfood also brings a velvety texture while its taste is masked by the complex cocoa flavor. Wondering what to top your bagel with? Try cream cheese and jelly. The sweet jam and savory cheese work well together to create a harmonious dish. You may also be surprised to hear that adding olive oil to vanilla ice cream lifts its taste to another level.

Choose an ingredient to add to some popular food items and make them better. Your choices will help us determine a single detail about you!