We Know Where You Live Based On The Meals You Order

Different nations have different interpretations of the meals you should eat in a day. Some take lighter approaches, while some go all out on flavor and portion. Your taste preferences when it comes to your meals are likely molded by the place you grew up in.

Dinner time signifies different things for people from various countries. In China, it is usual for families to sit together and have multiple dishes served at the table. Each person will then pick out the food to put on their small plate, so they can decide how much they want to eat for the meal. In India, due to their dependence on foods with a lot of carbs, dinner is inevitably a heavy meal. The Russians consider lunch to be their main meal of the day, whereas dinner is a lighter meal.

In this quiz, you get to order food for all the meals in a day. You don’t have to eat them all, but you could if you want to 😉 Based on the dishes you order, we will tell you where you live. We’re not kidding – we know!