Everyone Has A Food That Matches Their Soul — Here’s Yours

You’ve heard the saying “you are what you eat”, but have you analyzed if it really is true? We’ve done the hard part for you!

If you like spicy foods, you tend to enjoy thrilling activities like riding roller coasters. You must really want a kick out of most things you do. Do you enjoy sweet treats? Sweet lovers seem to have a sunny disposition in life. It has been proven that people with a sweet tooth are more friendly and compassionate than those that prefer savory dishes. Even your choice of vodka flavor can say a lot about you. Peach vodka drinkers are usually lively and enthusiastic, but also dramatic. Those who choose cranberry vodka tend to be serious and work as much as possible.

In this quiz, you get to find out which food is most you. Answer the following questions honestly and we’ll reveal the food that accurately matches your personality!