👑 Everyone Has A Disney Princess That Matches Their Personality — Here’s Yours

Known for their poise, grace, talent and alluring good looks, Disney princesses have become role models for many wide-eyed young girls, and for good reason. There are many positive qualities that girls can learn from these fantasy characters.

One such quality is kindness, as shown by Snow White. Despite knowing the Evil Queen sabotaged her, she didn’t let that change how kind-hearted of a person she is. Another thing to learn is to have hope in the darkest situation, as demonstrated by Cinderella. For someone who lost both of her biological parents and ended up living like a slave in her own home, Cinderella never lost her smile. She stayed true to herself and continued hoping for a better day, ultimately finding true love in the form of Prince Charming.

Tell us about your personality and appearance. Based on how you describe yourself, we’ll be able to figure out which Disney princess you are most similar to!