🐶 Your Feelings Toward These Dogs Will Determine Which Breed Is Best For You

There are many dog lovers amongst us. Who can resist the charm of the adorable, sweet pooches? Even among pet owners and dog lovers alike, we fall into a lot of different categories.

First there’s the self professed dog expert. That’s the person who knows everything there is to do with man’s best friend. They are overly helpful towards other owners by spouting what they think is the right way to take care of pets. Then there is the person that treats dogs like humans. This person thinks it isn’t quite normal for people to be posting selfies with their pups and have meals at restaurants with them. Then there’s also the free-spirited dog lovers, who prefer to let their dogs off the leash, letting dogs be dogs.

In this quiz, tell us how you feel about the following four-legged friends. Your sentiments toward different dogs will reveal the breed that is the best match for you!