Everyone Has An Era That They Actually Belong In — Here’s Yours

We physically have no choice but to live in present times, but for some people, they may not be doing so mentally; they feel as though their souls belong to a completely different period.

Ever watched Mad Men and marveled at the fashion choices the women made and swooned over how dashing the men looked? You must be a fan of the sixties. Do you enjoy watching black and white silent films, and die a little each time your friends say that they can’t stand films like that due to the lack of colors? You would appreciate the silent era, between the 20s and 50s, when some of the most beautiful, arresting films were made. If you prefer using a typewriter to a computer word processing program, then you probably aren’t a fan of the current times. Even an aficionado of history lessons can be said to belong in another time since they prefer learning about the past.

If you feel like you you might actually belong in a different era, take this quiz to find out when you best fit in.