🍅 Can You Guess Which Of These Movies Has The Lowest Rotten Tomatoes Score?

Rotten Tomatoes is a website visited by many when they’d like to know if a movie is potentially worth watching, based on what the critics and the general audience think. They get it mostly right, but sometimes, people think the website may have glitched, with low ratings for movies that most people enjoyed and vice versa.

DC movie Suicide Squad was released in 2016 to high expectations. It may not have met those standards, but it certainly does not deserve its 25% rotten rating on the website. This opinion is shared by a lot of netizens, who thought the movie was pretty entertaining. At the opposite end, the newest installment to the Jurassic Park series, Jurassic World, received a 77% fresh rating after its release in 2015. Yes, it did achieve massive ticket sales, but it’s arguable that it was due to the hype caused by its predecessor, 1993’s Jurassic Park. The movie itself did not garner much mainstream or online attention.

Take a look at the following movie categories. Pick out the film you think has the worst rating on Rotten Tomatoes and see if you get it right!