Everyone Has A Pixar Character That Matches Their Personality — Here’s Yours

For more than 20 years, Pixar has been churning out a string of beloved comedy-adventure animated films adored by millions around the world. Their films are populated by a diverse crop of memorable characters, from the sentient playthings of the Toy Story films to the plucky trash-collecting robots of Wall-E to the superheroes of The Incredibles. All these characters have diverse personalities. Which one is most like you?

Woody the cowboy from Toy Story is known for his loyalty, who makes it his life purpose to always return to Andy’s side. Sully from Monsters, Inc. is that guy who looks scary on the outside but is all soft on the inside. Dory showed in Finding Dory that nothing should ever stop you from achieving your goals, just like how she did not allow her short-term memory to prevent her from finding her parents.

Find out which Pixar character has similar personality traits to you! Just take this quiz and you’ll know exactly which lovable character you are most like.