❤️ Tell Us About Your Romantic History And We’ll Tell You Which Song Best Describes It

We’ve all heard how important it is to not dwell too much on the romantic history of the person you’re dating. People don’t want to be reminded of mistakes they made in the name of love, and there is no need to complicate the current relationship with ghosts of the past. But there are also good reasons to know relevant details from your partner’s romantic history.

Not talking about your past may be an indication that you are still hurt by events that happened in your previous relationships. Being able to talk about these things openly show that you have already moved on, and also gives your current partner and yourself an opportunity to learn and do things differently. After all, everyone has made mistakes before and it is how we learn and move on from them that truly matters.

Take this opportunity to relive your romantic past. Answer the following questions about your love life and romantic history and we’ll find you a song that describes it perfectly!