There Are Two Types Of People In This World — Which Are You?

When it comes to our personal preferences and ways for doing things, you may think that such tastes and leanings are not simply black and white. But there are some things where there really is no gray area. People feel strongly about their way of doing something and think the other way of doing it is practically insane!

For example, are you the kind of person who ensures they read every message, email, and any other notification they get on their phones, or do you enjoy stacking them up and only opening ones that seem more important? As for the funny animated images called gifs, do you pronounce it as “gif” (as in gift) or “jif”? What’s different about this divisive argument is that the creator of gifs has tried to end it by saying it is pronounced jif. However, people aren’t accepting the answer and the argument goes on.

Find out if you’re part of the majority or minority by choosing the option you prefer in the following questions!