🍫 Pick Some Desserts From Around The World And We’ll Guess Your Favorite Chocolate Brand

If you’re a lover of desserts, you’d always be interested in trying new treats that satisfy your sweet tooth. This is especially so when you are traveling. But which items from various countries are actually worth the calories?

In India, rasmalai, which has balls of Indian cottage cheese soaked in reduced milk, is one great dessert to go for. This is perfect for anyone who doesn’t want to eat something that is overtly sweet. If you’re ever in Holland, oliebollen might hit the spot. Although it translates to “oily balls”, the deep-fried doughnuts studded with raisins and dusted in powdered sugar make for an enjoyable treat. If you’re down in Brazil, try the local version of chocolate truffles – brigadeiros. What’s better than sweetened condensed milk, cocoa powder, and butter mixed together and topped with chocolate sprinkles?

In this quiz, choose some decadent desserts from around the world. Your choice of sweet treats will help us guess the chocolate brand you love most!