Sorry, You’ll Only Pass This Quiz If You’re Good In English

If you’re in need of a test to show off your capabilities in the English language, or you just want to have some fun, welcome to this quiz! But first, before starting the quiz, read on to get some tips on what you will be tested on.

You need to be able to identify words that have similar meaning to the one in question. For example, you’d need to pick out the synonym of “ardor”. In another set of questions, you should be able to choose the words that mean the opposite to the word in question. You should also be well-versed in the definitions of certain words, which include tough words like “disposition” and “amalgamate”. In addition, you will also be tested on the spelling and pronunciation of various words, like “pseudonym” and “remuneration”.

If you think you have sufficient knowledge of such parts of the language, you may pass this quiz easily. Fair warning, you’ll only do well in this if you’re good in English!