🍹 We’ll Reveal Your Three Best Traits Based On The Drinks You Choose

You may think that you choose your favorite drinks based on your taste profile and probably your mood for the day. But you also subconsciously pick your beverages based on your personality traits. This is especially so with your choice of drink at a bar!

If you like red wine, you are a sophisticated person. You have very fine taste in food and you should be very proud of your intricate palate. If you’re a fan of vodka and tonic, you prefer the timeless and classic choices. You don’t like following fads or gimmicks, preferring to stay true to what you love and know. You also tend to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you enjoy a cosmopolitan, you probably live in the past, reliving memories constantly. You also have a sweet tooth for sure!

In this quiz, pick your favorite milkshake, juice, cocktails, coffee, and more! Your choices will help us determine three of your best traits!