It’s Pretty Obvious What Generation You Are from Based on Your “Would You Rather” Activity Choices

Are your hobbies a dead giveaway of your age?

Are you a fan of quirky quizzes that tell you what kind of person you are based on your seemingly random choices? Do you believe that your hobbies can reveal more about you than your horoscope? Well, buckle up, because we've got a quiz that will guess your age group. And trust us, this quiz is so accurate that it can tell you whether you belong to the generation that wore bell-bottoms or the one that thought Tamagotchis were the coolest thing ever.

Now, you might be wondering how we can accurately predict your generation from a few "Would You Rather" choices. But here's the thing: the activities you like to do say a lot about the era you grew up in. For example, if you prefer archery to photography, you might be from the generation that read Robin Hood growing up. And if you'd rather go skiing than play chess, you're probably not a baby boomer.

So, put on your thinking caps and get ready to make some tough choices. Will you choose video gaming or bowling? Would you rather paint or go horseback riding? These might seem like random activities, but trust us, they're the keys to unlocking your generation. Get ready to find out if you're a flower child or a millennial, a boomer or a zoomer. Let's get quizzing!

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It's Obvious What Generation You Are from by Your Would… Quiz Questions

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