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Are You Too Emotional? This Quiz Will Reveal the Truth

Do you wear your heart on your sleeve?
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There's a range in how deeply we all feel emotions. Just like how some people might be prone to get headaches, some people might be more prone to laugh and some people are more prone to cry, and all can be entirely normal.

Whether or not you are deemed as being too emotional is relative to those who are around you. If you're the most emotional person in your general group of acquaintances and friends then those people likely consider you overly sensitive. If, however, you were to make friends with more highly emotional people and hang around them more, then you would simply be seen as an individual who's in touch with his sensitive side.

In general, expressing your emotions is a good thing. Bottling them up or ruminating are really unhealthy for our mental and physical well-being. Still, certain times and places are more appropriate than others for feeling and expressing strong emotions.

It's possible there are people in your life who see you as being overly emotional. To find out if you are too emotional, take this quiz and we'll let you know how others may perceive you.

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