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😴 You’re Either Weird or You’re Not Weird Based on Your Sleeping Habits

Your sleeping position tells all.
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Come bedtime, we all have our own set of habits to follow every day. From the sort of clothes we wear to bed, the type of pillows we rest our head on, to the last thing we do right before falling asleep, all of us are different in terms of these bedtime routines.

Some bedtime habits are good for us, and others not so. Many of us are so addicted to our phones that we tend to browse the web or check for messages in bed too. We should unplug right before bedtime as phones emit blue light that interferes with sleep. It's good to simply let the mind and body relax. You can do that by reading your favorite book or a newspaper, or simply just reflecting on the day.

If you want to know how weird you are, or aren't, then take this quiz! Tell us about your bedtime habits and we'll tell you how you fare on the weirdness scale.

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You're Either Weird or You're Not Weird by Your Sleepin… Quiz Questions

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