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Build a Franken-Boyfriend and We’ll Reveal the Age You Will Live to

Will your monstrous creation turn into your best friend or worst enemy?
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Many of us have spent time dreaming about our ideal guy, from the way he smiles to the way he treats you and how he smells. Have you went further to consider the different parts you love on a man? Does your dream guy have lean arms with a dadbod and a dazzling smile, or does he have cool blond hair styled perfectly with a great sense of style? It's all up to your imagination.

There was an episode of American Horror Story where witches literally built their idea of a perfect boyfriend; they picked out severed body parts of various men and put them together. A real monster mash? That's too much for our taste, but there's no harm in doing a virtual one just for fun and laughs right?

We'll give you a range of options for body parts and some other defining characteristics of your potential monster man. Choose what you want him to be and based on your creation, we will reveal the age you'll be living till!

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Build a Franken-Boyfriend to Know the Age You'll Live to Quiz Questions

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