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๐Ÿ“ฑ Can We Guess Your Age Based on How Often You Use These Apps?

Your favorite apps will reveal the answer.

We have all heard the narrative many times over about how millennials and Gen-Zers are addicted to their smartphone. Many can't go five minutes without checking Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat or whatever social networking app they are using. Add to that the multiple smart devices we have these days --- tablets, smart TV, smartwatches, computers and laptops --- it all adds up to many hours of screen time occupied by various apps during our waking hours each day.

Whether is it messaging, gaming, social media, streaming, or shopping, different age groups have their own habits when they use their apps. Compared to baby boomers, for instance, millennials are much more interested in discovering new apps, paying for apps, and making in-app payments.

As always, we can determine your age based solely on your app usage habits. Don't believe us? Take this quiz, and going by the amount of time you spend on these popular apps, we'll know what your age is.

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Can We Guess Your Age by How Often You Use These Apps? Quiz Questions

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