Can You Pass a High School Science Exam?

Are you smarter than a high school Science student?

Can You Pass a High School Science Exam?
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During your time in high school, you are taught many different subjects. You spend a lot of time studying a wide variety but a huge emphasis is placed on Science in particular. In fact, the field is so large that it is broken down into Biology, Chemistry, and Physics for students to have a better grasp.

Beyond what you learned in school, there are some facts about science you probably did not know! For one, did you know that there is a temperature at which water can boil and freeze at the same time? Have you heard of the "triple point", when the temperature and pressure is just right for all three states of matter to coexist? If you ever leave your glasses at home and need to see a certain point, making a pinhole with your hand can be a quick fix!

Since leaving high school, when was the last time you sat down for a Science test? Here we have a quiz that any high school student shouldn't have difficulty passing. Can you do it?

Can You Pass a High School Science Exam? Quiz Questions