Is Your Vocabulary Good Enough to Pass This Synonym Quiz?

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Synonyms are words or phrases that share an exact or close to identical meaning with another word or phrase in the same language. So, knowing many synonyms of a particular word improves your vocabulary significantly.

Instead of using the word 'interesting', you could switch it with intriguing, exciting, fascinating, riveting, amusing, engrossing, entertaining or even newsworthy. Yes, that is a lot of words that can be used to describe the same thing. Also, rather than using the word 'say', you might choose more descriptive words like answer, announce, disclose, express, convey, imply, state and much more, depending on the situation.

In this quiz, see if you can pick out the words that aren't synonyms of the one in question. All the options presented are synonyms except for one, and we are looking for the one that is farthest away in meaning from the one stated. The more words you get right, the more synonyms you know and the closer you are to being a linguistic expert.

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