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Only a True Car Enthusiast Would Have Driven 14/24 of These Brands

Are you a true car buff?
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Many people passively appreciate cars, but few actually possess encyclopedic knowledge of car brands and models, much less seek out the opportunity to drive multiple automotive brands in their lives. Gearheads are enthusiastic about their ride, take meticulous care in vehicle maintenance, have no problem engaging in brutally technical car talk, and swear by manual transmission than dual-clutch. They never stop thinking of upgrades (mods) to do next and may even subscribe to Youtubers to get ideas on fixing up their ride.

Do you live and breathe cars? Have you joined a car subscription program just so you can try out a new car every month? How many different car brands have you sat behind the steering wheel of ever since you attained your driver's license? Take this quiz, and mark off those vehicle brands you have driven at least once. We'll know if you're a true automotive enthusiast by the end of this quiz.

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Only True Car Enthusiast Would Have Driven 14 of Brands Quiz Questions

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