🧀 Cheese-ify These Foods and We’ll Reveal If You Have a Male or Female Brain

There's no such thing as too much cheese.

Cheese is something that many people cannot live without, whether it's on their pizza or as a dip. Some of us enjoy a generous amount of gooey goodness whenever we can because it tastes amazing and can make almost anything taste delicious. That's why the average American eats 23 pounds of cheese per year, according to the Center for Science in the Public Interest – that's 552 slices of Kraft Singles!

Cheese does more than satisfy hunger. It can be the main ingredient for a hearty dish, such as mac and cheese. It can also greatly enhance flavor, like a cheese fondue. With over 650 varieties, we can take a trip around the world with cheese alone! Nibbling on Gruyere brings us to Switzerland. Dubliner cheese takes us to Ireland, Pecorino to Italy, Cremoso to Argentina, and Brie to France.

In this quiz, we let you decide how much cheese you'd actually pair with a list of foods! Pick the appropriate amount of cheese you'd put on food items like pizza, pasta, and souffles. Based on your answers, we can tell you if you have more of a male or female brain.

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🧀 Cheese-ify These Foods and We’ll Reveal If You Have a Male or Female Brain



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