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๐ŸŽ„ Can We Guess Which Decade of Life You’re in Based on Your Christmas Food Preferences?

Christmas is no doubt one of the best holidays of the year! You decorate a Christmas tree, wrap presents, rewatch the same handful of feel-goodย Christmas movies, gather together with family and friends to share quality time, and sit down for the most sumptuous dinner full of special comfort dishes that are not ordinarily cooked in other seasons.

But that's not to say every Christmas food is created equal. All of us have our favorite holiday dishes that we choose to fill valuable stomach real estate with. Whether you go for a ham, roast beef or lamb for your entrรฉe, round out your meal with potatoes or Brussels or casseroles, end your meal with a slice of deliciously decadent log cake or fruit cake, your choice of food reveals something about you.

Here's your chance to rate some of the most popular Christmas edibles and sippables, and see what it reveals about your age, or rather, the age of your palate.

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Can I Guess Decade of Life You're in by Your Christmas โ€ฆ Quiz Questions

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