How Well Do You Know the Cold War?

Do you know anything about thisย long lasting conflict?

Cold War Quiz

One can't talk about the events of the 20th century without going into great detail about the Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States of America. The Cold War is one of the most interesting conflicts in human history. While it was a cold war, don't let the name fool you though; thisย long lasting conflict resulted in the deaths of many people worldwide even though it never did lead to direct war between the two superpowers. Proximity wars were fought across the globe, nuclear weapons were stockpiled, and there was a race to develop the technology needed to bring about space travel.

Beginning with the end of World War II up until the fall of the Soviet Union, the tense conflict was the most important event happening in the world for half a century. To see how well you know your history, go ahead and take this Cold War quiz to see how well you would fare.

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