🦁 Pick Some Disney Animals and We’ll Reveal Which Disney Princess You Are

Pluto or Bolt? You decide.

Disney Animals And Princess Quiz
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In the magical world of Disney, anything is possible - which is why we don't question the many talking animals. More often than not, these lovable animals are used to further storylines by being the most amazing companions, whether it's with the heroes or the villains.

Who can forget the wise Jiminy Cricket? He taught Pinocchio everything about being a boy and was a guiding light to him. Pascal didn't speak much in Tangled, but his facial expressions definitely stole the show. A sidekick that stuck through someone through and through was Abu. The adorable monkey was the partner-in-crime of Aladdin and helped him survive living on the streets. Another true friend is Sebastian, who did everything in Ariel's best interests, even if she couldn't see it at that time.

In this quiz, you can find out which Disney princess you're most like! Simply pick out some of your favorite creatures featured in Disney/Pixar movies and you'll discover the princess in you.

Disney Animals And Princess Quiz Questions