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I Bet You Can’t Spend a Day as a 🐕 Dog Walker Without Getting Fired

For many people who consider themselves animal lovers, they may view dog walking as a dream job. Not only does the job allow for plenty of time flexibility, but they also get to spend their working hours around fur babies.

As with most occupations, dog walking can be a ruff job. It's not so much the dealing with the dogs that is challenging, however; there are people involved and pet owners can be rather difficult from time to time. Dogs, while awesome, can cause problems as well.

If you are good at it, dog walking can be a fantastic job for someone who really loves dogs. This quiz will help to determine just how well you would do if you took on a job as a dog walker. Maybe you would get fired on your first day, perhaps you would thrive in the part, or perhaps you would be somewhere in the middle. To find out how you would fare as a dog walker then go ahead and take this quiz.

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