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How Much Do You Remember from Elementary School Science?

Make your teacher proud.
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The term "science" is one that encompasses a broad world of phenomena and events such as animal and plant life,ย physics, elements, weather, the solar system, and more.

In elementary school, the teachers teach science that paves the foundation for deeper learning of the different niches in later grades. Students are introduced to making observations, asking questions, forming hypotheses, running experiments, drawing conclusions and sharing results. At the same time, elementary science education instills a wonder of and enthusiasm for the subject that hopefully leaves children with a keen interest and deep curiosity that lasts a lifetime.

How much of the scientific knowledge from those early years of childhood education have you retained? Take a multiple choice trip back through some of the elementary science questions in this quiz!ย This general science quiz covers basic science facts and concepts that everyone should know. Let's see if you can ace it!

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How Much Do You Remember from Elementary School Science? Quiz Questions

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