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🖱️ Website Use FAQs

How do I navigate Quizly's website?
Explore Quizly's website easily by using the navigation menu located at the top of the page. From there, you can browse through different categories of quizzes, log in to your account, and more.
How do I search for quizzes on Quizly?
Use the search bar located at the top of the page to search for quizzes by keywords, topics, or quiz titles. Simply enter your search query and press enter to view relevant results.
How do I take a quiz on Quizly?
Taking a quiz on Quizly is simple! To take a quiz, simply click on the quiz title or thumbnail to open the quiz page.

  • Trivia Quizzes: Click on the trivia quiz you'd like to take. Read the questions carefully and select your answers. Once you've answered all the questions, submit your responses to see your score and any feedback provided. Feel free to retake quizzes to improve your score or challenge yourself!
  • Personality Quizzes: Similarly, click on the personality quiz you're interested in. Answer the questions honestly based on your preferences or experiences. Once you've completed all the questions, submit your responses to receive your personalized result, along with any insights or interpretations provided. You can retake personality quizzes to explore different results and gain further insights into your personality traits.
How can I enhance my experience on Quizly?
There are several ways to enhance your experience on Quizly:

  1. Create an Account: By creating a free account, you can unlock additional benefits such as saving quiz results, joining the leaderboards, bookmarking quizzes for later, and viewing your past comments.
  2. Explore Different Quiz Types: Quizly offers a variety of quiz types, including trivia quizzes and personality quizzes. Explore different categories and themes to find quizzes that match your interests and preferences.
  3. Leave Comments: Engage with other users by commenting on quizzes and participating in discussions. Share your thoughts, opinions, and quiz experiences with the Quizly community.
  4. Subscribe to our Newsletter: Stay updated with the latest quizzes and trends by subscribing to our free "Quiz of the Day" newsletter. Get daily doses of fun quizzes delivered straight to your inbox, so you never miss out on the latest and greatest content from Quizly.
  5. Customize Your Profile: Personalize your Quizly experience by adjusting settings such as theme preferences and profile photo in your account settings.
  6. Share Quizzes and Results: Easily share your favorite quizzes with friends by using the share button provided on each quiz page. Additionally, after completing a quiz, you can share your results on social media platforms or via direct link to let others know how you did on the quiz.
  7. Provide Feedback: We value your feedback and suggestions! If you have any ideas for improving Quizly or if you encounter any issues while using the platform, please don't hesitate to reach out to us. Your input helps us make Quizly better for everyone.
  8. Subscribe to Ad-Free Plan: For an uninterrupted and streamlined experience, consider subscribing to our ad-free plan. By doing so, you can enjoy Quizly without any ads, ensuring the best speed and performance while you explore and enjoy our quizzes.

By following these tips, you can make the most out of your Quizly experience and enjoy hours of fun and entertainment with our quizzes!

What are the Quizly leaderboards?
The Quizly leaderboards showcase the top 200 players in two categories:

  • Most Unique Plays: This leaderboard ranks players based on the number of unique quizzes they have played in the last 30 days.
  • Most Plays: This leaderboard ranks players based on the total number of quizzes they have played, including repeat plays, in the last 30 days.

Check out the leaderboards to see where you stand and compete with other quiz enthusiasts!

How can I explore more quizzes on Quizly?
Explore a wide variety of quizzes on Quizly by utilizing the following features:

  1. Playlist: Each quiz belongs to a curated playlist of quizzes on specific themes or topics. Simply scroll down below any quiz to find its associated playlist. Click on the playlist to view other quizzes included in it.
  2. Tags: Look for tags associated with each quiz, indicating its category, theme, or subject matter. Click on a tag to discover other quizzes with similar characteristics and dive deeper into your areas of interest.
  3. Recommended Quizzes: After completing a quiz, you'll see three additional handpicked quizzes below your result. These quizzes are curated by the Quizly team to provide you with a diverse selection of engaging and entertaining content. Click on a recommended quiz to continue your quiz journey!

With these features, you'll have no shortage of quizzes to discover and enjoy on Quizly!

Can I share quizzes with friends?
Absolutely! Easily share your favorite quizzes with friends by using the share buttons provided on each quiz page or by copying the quiz link and sending it to them directly.
Can I share my results with friends?
Yes, you can easily share your quiz results with friends! After completing a quiz, you'll have the option to share your results on various social media platforms or via direct link. Simply click on the share button provided on the results page, choose your preferred sharing method, and let your friends know how you did on the quiz!
Why are there so many ads on Quizly?
Quizly relies on advertising revenue to support the development and maintenance of the platform, as well as to provide free access to a wide range of quizzes for our users. While we understand that ads can sometimes be disruptive, they allow us to continue offering Quizly as a free service to our users.

For users who prefer an ad-free experience, we offer a monthly or annual 👑 Premium subscription plan that removes ads from the platform. This subscription not only enhances your Quizly experience but also supports us in our mission to provide quality quiz content. We appreciate your understanding and support in helping us keep Quizly accessible to everyone.

How do I report an issue with a quiz or the website?
If you encounter any issues with a quiz or the website, please contact our support team using this online form. Be sure to provide as much detail as possible so we can address the issue promptly.
Is there a mobile app for Quizly?
At the moment, Quizly is only available as a website. However, you can access Quizly on your mobile device's web browser for an optimized mobile experience.
Can I create my own quizzes?
Currently, Quizly does not offer the ability for users to create their own quizzes. This decision is made to maintain editorial standards and ensure the quality of quizzes on our platform. However, we welcome suggestions for quiz topics and ideas from our users. If you have any suggestions or ideas for quizzes you'd like to see on Quizly, please feel free to share them with us. We appreciate your understanding and hope you enjoy the quizzes available on Quizly!
How can I provide feedback or suggest improvements for Quizly?
We welcome your feedback and suggestions! Feel free to reach out to us via this online form. Your input helps us improve the Quizly experience for all users.
Is there a way to customize my Quizly experience?
Yes, you can customize your Quizly experience in different ways.

  1. Toggle Dark/Light Theme: Customize your Quizly experience by switching between dark and light themes. Simply locate the theme toggle button in the top right-hand corner of the website and click on it to switch between the dark and light themes. Whether you prefer a darker interface for nighttime browsing or a lighter one for daytime use, the theme toggle provides flexibility for a comfortable viewing experience.
  2. Change Profile Photo: Logged-in users have the option to further personalize their profiles by changing their profile photo. These photos will be visible on your profile page, allowing you to showcase your personality and style. Your profile photo will also appear next to any comments you post on quizzes.

💬 Comments FAQs

How do I leave a comment on Quizly?
Leaving a comment on Quizly is easy! Here's how:

  • If you're logged in: Logged-in users can simply navigate to the quiz page, scroll down to the comments section, and type their comment directly into the comment box. No additional steps are needed. You can view your past comments by visiting your profile page.
  • If you're not logged in: If you're not logged in, you can still leave a comment by providing your name and email address in the comment form located at the bottom of the quiz page. Simply type your comment, enter your name and email, and click "Post Comment".
Are there any guidelines for leaving comments on Quizly?
Yes, we encourage respectful and constructive comments on Quizly. Please adhere to the following guidelines when leaving comments:

  • Be respectful: Treat others with kindness and respect in your comments.
  • Stay on topic: Keep your comments relevant to the quiz or topic being discussed.
  • Avoid spam: Refrain from posting spam or promotional content in your comments.
  • No offensive or inappropriate content: Avoid posting content that is offensive, derogatory, or inappropriate.
  • Compliance with terms of service: Ensure that your comments comply with our terms of service.
Can I see my past comments?
Yes, if you have a free account on Quizly, you can view your past comments. Here's how:

  • Logged-in users: If you're logged in to your Quizly account, you can access your past comments by visiting your profile page. Look for the "Comments" page to view a list of comments you've made on quizzes.
  • Not logged in: If you're not logged in, you won't be able to access your past comments. Consider creating a free account to take advantage of this feature and keep track of your comment history.
What are the colored labels that are displayed above some comments?
Those colored labels, or flairs, provide users with a sense of recognition and achievement based on their participation and contributions to the Quizly community. It is a visual representation of user engagement and contribution within the community.

Flairs are displayed next to users' comments and are based on two main factors:

  • Number of comments in the last 30 days: Users who are actively engaging with quizzes and discussions by leaving comments will receive a flair reflecting their level of activity in the past month.
  • Total plays: Users who have played a significant number of quizzes on Quizly will receive a flair based on their total plays, indicating their overall engagement with the platform.
I have a question about a quiz. Can I ask it in the comments section?
Yes, you can ask questions about quizzes in the comments section. Feel free to ask for clarification, additional information, or discuss the quiz content with other users.
Why can't I see the old comments on the quizzes anymore?
On April 3, 2024, we made the decision to transition from using Facebook comments to our own built-in comments system. This change brings several benefits:

  1. Open to All Users: Unlike the old system, which was only usable by Facebook users, our new comments system allows for a more open discussion accessible to all visitors to our website. This inclusivity promotes diverse perspectives and enriches the conversation.
  2. Improved Spam Control: With our previous Facebook commenting system, we faced challenges in effectively removing spam comments as they were not directly under our control. The new commenting system implemented on our website offers enhanced spam control mechanisms, allowing us to promptly address and remove spam comments, particularly those originating from scammers, thus ensuring a cleaner, safer, and more enjoyable user experience.
  3. Enhanced User Experience: The new commenting system not only allows for a more personalized experience but also enables you to track your own comments and engage more effectively with our content. You can create a free account to unlock additional benefits such as saving quiz results, bookmarking quizzes for later, and viewing your past comments.

We understand that you may have valued the discussions and interactions in the old comments section, and we apologize for any inconvenience this transition may cause. However, we believe that these improvements will ultimately provide a better experience for everyone engaging with our content.

If you have any questions or concerns about this change, please feel free to reach out to us. Your feedback is important to us, and we're here to help.

🔒 User Account FAQs

Why should I create an account on Quizly?
Creating an account on Quizly unlocks additional benefits tailored to enhance your quiz-taking experience.

  1. Save Quiz Results: Keep track of your quiz scores, whether it's from trivia quizzes or the results of personality quizzes, and review them later at your convenience.
  2. Bookmark/Saving Quizzes: Easily bookmark or save quizzes you enjoyed for quick access whenever you want to retake them or share them with friends.
  3. View Past Comments: Access your history of comments on quizzes, making it easier to follow discussions and revisit your thoughts on different quizzes.
  4. View Stats : Gain insights into your quiz-taking habits with statistics such as the total number of plays and the count of unique quizzes you've encountered, available exclusively to registered users.
Is creating an account on Quizly free?
Yes, absolutely! Creating an account on Quizly is completely free of charge.
How do I create an account?
Creating an account on Quizly is easy! You have two options:

  1. Traditional Registration: Follow this link to access our registration page. Once there, fill in your details, including a username, email address, and password.
  2. One-click Registration with Google: Prefer a quicker option? You can also register instantly using your existing Google account. Just click on the "Continue with Google" button on our registration page, and you'll be all set up in no time!
What happens if I forget my password?
If you forget your password, don't worry! Simply click on the "Forgot Password?" link on the login page. You'll be prompted to enter the email address associated with your account, and we'll send you instructions on how to reset your password.
Can I change my username or email address later?
  • Username: Currently, usernames cannot be changed after registration. Please choose your username carefully during the sign-up process. If you've logged in using your Google account, your username will be automatically generated based on the name associated with your Google account. Since you won't need to manually type it in and it's auto-generated, there's no need for changing it.
  • Email Address: Yes, you can update your email address at any time. Simply go to your account settings, make the necessary changes, and save your updates.
  • Display Name: Absolutely! Your display name, which appears in comments and your profile, can be changed. You can update it by going to your account settings and editing your profile information.
Is my personal information safe with Quizly?
Yes, protecting your privacy and personal information is our top priority. We utilize industry-standard security measures to safeguard your data and ensure that it remains confidential and secure at all times.
How do I change my profile photo?
Create an Gravatar account with the same email address used in your user account on our website. Your Gravatar image will be automatically picked up and used as your profile photo on Quizly. This provides a seamless experience for users who already have a Gravatar profile, ensuring that your chosen profile photo is displayed consistently across different platforms.
Can I make my profile private?
Yes, you have the option to make your profile private. Simply go to your account settings, where you can adjust your privacy settings to make your profile visible only to yourself and a select group of people. This allows you to control who can view your profile information and quiz activity on Quizly.
Can I delete my Quizly account?
If you wish to delete your Quizly account, you can do so by going to your account settings and selecting the option to delete your account. Please note that this action is irreversible and will permanently remove all your account data, including saved quiz results, bookmarks, and comments.
I have more questions. How can I get in touch with Quizly support?
If you have any further questions or need assistance, feel free to reach out to our support team via the contact form. We're here to help and will do our best to assist you promptly.
Can I use Quizly without creating an account?
Absolutely! While creating an account unlocks additional features and benefits, you can still enjoy all the quizzes and content on Quizly without signing up. However, please note that without an account, you won't be able to save quiz results, bookmark quizzes, or view past comments.

👑 Quizly Premium FAQs

What is Quizly Premium?
Quizly Premium is our premium membership program. With Quizly Premium you see zero ads, get extra features, and support the site. Both monthly and discounted yearly subscriptions are available. You can sign up here (prices in US dollars).

Got more questions? Check out the Premium FAQs.

✉️ Mailing List FAQs

How do I sign up for your mailing list?
To subscribe to our new quizzes each day, you can sign up from our homepage. Alternatively, you can sign up using this form.
Is there a cost to subscribe to your mailing list?
No, our mailing list is completely free to subscribe to. You'll receive our Quiz of the Day email without any charges.
How often will I receive emails from your mailing list?
You'll receive our Quiz of the Day email once a day, featuring new quizzes for you to enjoy.
What can I expect in the emails?
You will receive an email with the new quizzes each day. Here's a sample of the email.
How do I change my email address or update my subscription preferences?
To change your email address or update your subscription preferences, you can click on the "Update Profile" link provided at the bottom of any email you receive from us.
I subscribed to the mailing list but haven't received any emails. What should I do?
If you've subscribed to our mailing list but haven't received any emails, there could be a few reasons why:

  1. Check your spam or junk mail folder: Sometimes our emails may end up in these folders by mistake. Please check your spam or junk mail folder and mark our emails as "Not Spam" or "Not Junk" to ensure delivery to your inbox.
  2. Verify your email address: Make sure you entered your email address correctly when subscribing to our mailing list. If you think you may have made a mistake, you can try subscribing again with the correct email address.
  3. Contact us: If you've tried the above steps and still haven't received any emails from us, please contact our support team using this online form for further assistance. We'll do our best to help you resolve the issue.
Why are your emails going to my spam folder?
Sometimes, email providers may mistakenly mark legitimate emails as spam. To ensure that our emails reach your inbox, please check your spam or junk folder and mark our emails as "Not Spam" or "Not Junk". Additionally, you can add our email address ([insert your email address]) to your contacts or safe senders list to help prevent our emails from being filtered as spam in the future.

🔔 Web Notifications FAQs

What are the notifications that pop up on my web browser?
We send web push notifications to notify users of new quizzes. This way, users who have opted in to receive these notifications will always be the first to know when a new quiz is posted.
Web... what?
Web notifications are a permission-based marketing channel. Before receiving a web push, users have to opt in to receive them. When you visit Quizly for the first time, you may have already seen such a prompt asking if you wish to "Allow" or "Block" the notifications. Clicking "Allow" means you are opting in.
Will I receive notifications for every new quiz posted on Quizly?
By opting in to receive web push notifications, you'll receive notifications for new quizzes posted on Quizly. We send out notifications twice a day. However, please note that notifications may be subject to your notification settings.
Can I opt out of receiving web push notifications later?
Yes, you can opt out of receiving web push notifications at any time. Depending on your browser, you can manage your notification preferences by accessing your browser settings or by clicking on the lock icon next to the website's URL and adjusting the notification settings there.

See the next FAQ for the specific instructions.

How do I stop getting the notifications?
As these notifications are browser-based, specific instructions are dependent upon the web browser you are using.

On Chrome browser: Follow these instructions to turn off and remove the notifications. The URL you should remove for our site is "https://quizly.os.tc:443".

On other browsers: Please google for instructions on "how to stop web push notifications on ___". Replace ___ with your browser name.

On Mac:
Method 1:

  1. Go to System Preferences. Click on Notifications.
  2. Once in Notifications, look on the left-hand panel, scroll down until you see Quizly. Select Quizly. Under Quizly alert style, choose "None".

Method 2:

  1. Launch Safari and on the top menu bar, go to Safari > Preferences (or press Command-Comma). Click on the Websites tab.
  2. Once in Websites, look on the left-hand panel, and click on Notifications. On the right-hand panel, look for Quizly. Next to Quizly, choose "Deny" to manually disable notifications.
I accidentally blocked notifications. How can I unblock them?
If you accidentally blocked notifications and would like to unblock them, you can do so by accessing your browser settings. Look for the section related to notifications or permissions, and find Quizly in the list of blocked sites. From there, you can unblock notifications for Quizly.
I'm not receiving web push notifications even though I've opted in. What should I do?
If you've opted in to receive web push notifications but are not receiving them, there could be a few reasons why:

  • Check your browser settings: Make sure that notifications are enabled in your browser settings and that Quizly is allowed to send notifications.
  • Clear your browser cache: Sometimes clearing your browser cache can resolve issues with web push notifications. Try clearing your cache and then opt in again.

🛟 Troubleshooting FAQs

I'm experiencing issues with loading quizzes on Quizly. What should I do?
If you're having trouble loading quizzes on Quizly, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Refresh the page: Sometimes refreshing the page can resolve temporary errors. Try refreshing the page.
  • Check your internet connection: Ensure that you have a stable internet connection and try refreshing the page.
  • Clear your browser cache: Clearing your browser's cache and cookies can sometimes resolve loading issues. Try clearing your cache and then reloading the page.
  • Try a different browser: If the issue persists, try accessing Quizly using a different web browser to see if the problem is browser-specific.
  • Contact us: If none of the above steps work, please contact our support team using this online form for further assistance. Be sure to provide details about the issue you're experiencing so we can help you resolve it as quickly as possible.
I'm unable to save my quiz results on Quizly. What could be causing this issue?
If you're having trouble saving quiz results on Quizly, consider the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Ensure you're logged in: Make sure you're logged in to your Quizly account before finishing a quiz. If you don't have an account, you'll need to create one to access this feature.
  • Contact us: If you're still experiencing issues with saving quiz results, please reach out to our support team using this online form for further assistance. We'll work to resolve the issue and ensure that you can save your quiz results as intended.
Help! I can't seem to go to Question 2 on any quiz.
If you have trouble advancing a quiz beyond Question 2, please turn off your ad blocker and reload the quiz.