Say “Yum” Or “Yuck” to These Food Pairings to Find Out If You Are More Creative or Logical

Fish and chips? Bagel and cream cheese? Chocolate and chili?

Bacon and eggs, peanut butter and jelly, coffee and doughnuts, tortilla chips and salsa... some food combinations are just meant to be together. These days, the flavor pairings are even wilder, and the ideas more creative and exciting than ever.

Adventurous foodies have experimented with outside-of-the-box pairings to discover the next PB&J, like avocado on toast, cream cheese and jelly sandwich, pizza in ranch dressing, cheddar cheese and apple pie. Getting creative and letting go of traditional food rules can lead to the discovery of brilliant food combinations, of creative new ideas—and hopefully, of an exciting new meal.

From classic food duos to seemingly odd combos that might have you scratching your head, food lovers claim that these combinations really work. Have your say on whether some of these food pairings sound yummy or yucky, and we'll determine if you are more of a creative thinker or someone with a logical mindset.

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