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This General Knowledge Quiz Will Separate the Geniuses from the Pretenders

Are you a genius or a wannabe?
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This general knowledge quiz will separate the true geniuses from those who pretend to be one. General knowledge quizzes like this one are the perfect way to separate truly smart people from those who have simply memorized facts. You can't just memorize a few facts on specific subjects and get a good score on a general knowledge quiz. Similarly, you couldn't just go on game shows likeย Jeopardy! with knowledge in limited areas and expect to do well. Both Jeopardy! and general knowledge quizzes require you to be a truly intelligent, well-rounded person.

Most people believe they have a higher than average IQ, however. This delusional thinking of a large number of the population leads to many people not doing as well on general knowledge quizzes or when yelling out the answers toย Jeopardy! questions to their TV screens. If you think you are a truly knowledgeable person, then go ahead and prove it with this quiz.

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This General Knowledge Quiz Will Separate Geniuses from Pretenders Questions

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