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Every Answer to This General Knowledge Quiz Is a Number – Can You Get 14/18?

Get your quiz brain on.
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Who among your family or friends thinks they know it all? No matter what the topic, there's always someone who likes to boast of their incredible general knowledge - whether it has to do with US history, world geography, pop music, or movies starring Tom Hanks.

Or maybe YOU are the trivia know-it-all.

Here is a quiz to test just that. We have 18 questions on a range of subjects, from general trivia, to science, geography, and more--with an added twist. All answers to the questions in this quiz are numbers, which may get tricky especially if you aren't too certain of what you know.

Are you ready for this challenge? Find out if you are a true nerd at general knowledge or if you need to brush up on all that is to know about this world! Don't forget to grab a drink, piece of paper, a pen and some snacks while you are at it.

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Every Answer to This General Knowledge Quiz Is Number. Can You Get 14? Questions

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