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This General Knowledge Quiz Is Not That Hard, So to Impress Me, You’ll Need to Score 16/20

Ready those brain cells.
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Whether it's one with your friends or testing your other half over a bottle of wine on the sofa, a quiz is the perfect way to spend the evening. Whatever your area of expertise is, you're likely to be challenged by some of the questions in this general knowledge quiz.

Do you know that the Japanese term for a shotgun wedding is "dekichatta kekkon", which literally translates to "oops-we-did-it-marriage"? Or the fact that in 1992, a shipping crate containing 28,000 rubber duckies fell overboard? They washed up around the world for the next 20 years. Here's another factoid you may not know: Pitbulls rank high among the most affectionate and least aggressive dogs. They are only aggressive when forcibly trained as such; usually for illegal dogfighting.

If learning bits of random trivia interests you, you are likely the kind of person who can do really well on this quiz. This is the quiz to help you brush up on the everyday trivia knowledge most people take for granted. Without any further ado, get ready to challenge yourself and put your trivia knowledge to the test.

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This General Knowledge Quiz Is Not That Hard, So to Impress Me, You'll Need to Score 16 Questions

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