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If You Can Get 13/15 on This Geography Quiz Then You’re Super Smart

Are you pretty smart or super smart?
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Geography is one of the most rewarding subjects to study. This quiz aims to test your knowledge of numerous geographical topics. This includes capital cities, languages spoken, geographical formations, and more. You will have to be someone with a passion for studying geography in order to get a great score.

Even if you don't score well on this quiz, we are certain you will learn some interesting facts about the world that will help you score better on future quizzes. Even better than that, this quiz will hopefully supply you with some interesting facts that you can recite to others in order to make yourself seem smart.

If you can get 13 out of 15 questions on this geography quiz correct then you are super smart. We're not even joking about that, you have to be incredibly smart to do that well on a quiz like this. You've only got two wrong answers to spare if you want to reach this target. Perhaps you are just that smart and knowledgeable. Take this test to find out.

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If You Can Get 13 on This Geography Quiz Then You're Super Smart Questions

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