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Sorry, But If You Weren’t Around During the ’80s You’re Going to Fail This Quiz

The 1980s were a strange and wonderful decade. Those years rebuffed the hippie generation of the '60 and '70s and saw a population start to get enamored with technology and increasing globalization. It was a time when ideologies clashed on a world stage. If you could get past the Cold War fears, there was a lot of good music at the time when Devo, Wham!, and The Cure killed it on a brand new electronic-based music scene.

Perhaps you are a child of the 1980s and fondly remember all the fads, trends, and weird happenings which took place during this very outrageous decade. Be it the oversized car phones, or odd fashion choices, the eighties were arguably one of the most memorable decades of the 20th century.

How much do you remember from the years 1980-89? Do you want to see how you measure up against other '80s experts? Test your knowledge of the 1980s by taking this quiz.


โš ๏ธ May contain spoilers
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If You Weren't Around During '80s You're Going to Fail This Quiz Questions

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