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๐Ÿฅ Most People Can’t Identify 14/21 of These French Pastries โ€” Can You?

Know your caneleฬs from your madeleines?
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France is the universally renowned capital of the bread and pastry scene. From the perfect mix of soft, crisp, buttery, sweet, and savory that is the croissant to the delicate round choux pastry filled with custard and topped with chocolate sauce that is the profiterole, there is no doubt that this European country has baking down to an artful science.

What is your favorite French baked treat? Is it the chocolaty eclair or the multi-layered coffee-soaked opera cake? Here's a quiz covering all the crowd favorites when it comes to French pastries. Think you can tell your beignets from your caneleฬs, your Parisโ€“Brest from your charlotte cake? Challenge yourself in this quiz to find out just how well-versed you are with the world of French delicacies. Just being familiar with croissants and baguettes is not going to cut it in this test. You'll need to be somewhat of a gourmet foodie to pass it.

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Most People Can't ID 14 of French Pastries โ€” Can You? Quiz Questions

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