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๐Ÿฅฌ Is This Vegan or Not? If You Get 12/15 on This Quiz, You’re a Vegan Food Expert

Can you tell if these are vegan or not?
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Knowing which foods contain animal by-products is often the most difficult part of being vegan. In fact, not having a good understanding of what foods could potentially contain animal by-products often leads to new vegans abandoning veganism altogether.

It is important for new vegans to have people around them who are able to help and support them. It can be frustrating when a food you may have previously thought was vegan is later found out not to be. On the bright side, more and more companies and food manufacturers are looking to tap into the vegan market. This means more vegan-friendly foods for everyone.

Take this quiz to see how good you are at determining which food products do or do not come from animals.ย Even hardcore vegans might have difficulty with this quiz. There are a few tricky questions in here so ensure that you read each one carefully.

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Is This Vegan or Not? If You Get 12 on This Quiz, You're Vegan Food Expert Questions

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