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If You Find This Geography Quiz Easy, Your Brain Is Actually Exceptionally Large

Time to flex that big ol' brain.
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Geography is a very fascinating subject that can be studied at any level. There are many different aspects to geography and this can make it an interesting subject to explore.

There are two main types of geography - physical geography and human geography. Physical geography is the study of the Earth's physical features. It includes the study of the land, the water and the air. It also includes the study of the climate and the weather. Human geography is the study of the people who live in different parts of the world. It includes the study of the cultures and the customs of different people. Within each type there are also different sub-disciplines that allow you to delve in deeper.

Up for a geography challenge? Complete this quiz to find out how knowledgeable you are in the world of geography. You'll have to have a big brain when it comes to geography in order to pass.

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If You Find This Geography Quiz Easy, Your Brain Is Exceptionally Large Questions

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