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This Word Association Test Will Determine If You’re Living Your Best Life or Wasting Your Time

Many of us spend our entire lives figuring out how best to spend our time and live life to the fullest. It can be difficult to even determine what constitutes living your best life sometimes. What we feel is making the most of our time at one point in our lives may cease to be so later in life. What it takes to lead our best life can mean different things to different people as well.

Perhaps you are someone who needs to be rich and successful to be happy. Or you may be a person who needs to be popular and surrounded with friends to be truly happy. It all depends on what type of life you are shooting for and your ability to get yourself there.

Based on your answers to these word association questions, we will reveal whether you are leading your best life possible or simply wasting your time.

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This Word Association Test Will Reveal If You're Living… Quiz Questions

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