9 in 10 People Can’t Pass This General Knowledge Quiz (feat. 👄 Marilyn Monroe). Can You?

Do you know your history?

Marilyn Monroe is one of the 20th century's most iconic historical and cultural figures. She might have lived only a tragically short 36 years in this world but she turned a lot of heads and made plenty of headlines during that time.

Monroe lived through some truly historical events and interacted with many influential figures. In this quiz, we will test your knowledge not just on Monroe herself but also the broader general trivia related to the time period she lived in and world events going on at that time. All of the questions contained within this quiz are in some way related to Marilyn Monroe.

If you know your history and general knowledge, then you will probably do quite well on this quiz. There is only one way to find out for sure. Go ahead and take this quiz, answer the questions within, and we will see how well you score.

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9 in 10 People Can’t Pass This General Knowledge Quiz feat. Marilyn Monroe. Can You? Questions

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