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Only a Real Marvel Fan Can Match These Characters With Their Superpowers

Calling all True Believers!
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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is arguably the most complex fictional realm in existence. The characters featured in the movies have been in development for decades and their stories have been tweaked, upgraded, or otherwise developed ever since. Their superpowers, backstories, and character traits are some of the most creative and intricate that have ever been created.

Not every character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe has superpowers, however. Some are just very skilled humans armed with advanced weaponry. Regardless, only the most knowledgeable fans of Stan Lee's creations are able to match these characters with their superpowers.

Some MCU characters have backstories which are well-known. In fact, some characters' origin stories are so well known that they don't even require much explanation. Only fans who know the backstories of each character can hope to achieve a perfect score. Take this quiz and see if you can match these characters with their superpowers.

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