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  • Yvonne-Young

23. Can't always keep my Greeks and Romans straight.

About as wrong as you can be. 13!!!! I'm 74, although there are still things I like that liked when I was 13.

Dark Chocolate. I'm not actually a great chocolate lover - it has to be very dark of filled with caramel, or peppermint, or something fruity. Plain milk chocolate does nothing for me at all.

Whoops - I lost a word. At 74 I have just seen a lot.

15/15 - however, my IQ is only in the 130's. I just spend a lot of time reading all sorts of things and watching documentaries on lots of different topics. At 74 I just seen a lot.

The answer for Perth is incorrect. Perth is in Australia as stated but it is also a city in Scotland which is a part of the UK. Perth in Australia was in fact named for the Perth in Scotland.

14/15 - just as well considering what I paid for top-of-the-line multifocal glasses that are supposed to assist with just such problems.

I must have reread the question about 4 times in case I was having a seniors' moment. I agree with you.

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