No One Has Got a Perfect Score on This General Knowledge Quiz. Will You?

Will you be the first?

Although our recent quizzes on general knowledge and trivia have been pretty difficult, a handful of quiz takers managed to score full marks on them. This group of individuals are probably among the smartest and most well-rounded. But even they will have trouble achieving a perfect score on this quiz.

To be able to score full marks, you should have extensive knowledge of geography. For example, many of the US states are surrounded by coasts. But are you aware of the unique states that do not have coastlines? How well do you know your animals, such as their different classifications? You should also be aware of the special abilities that some of them possess, including one unique bird with the capability of flying in reverse. Some knowledge of sports would be helpful, as we will quiz you on tennis, soccer, and New York sports teams.

Are you ready to answer these kinds of questions? All the best!

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No One Has Got Perfect Score on This General Knowledge Quiz. Will You? Questions

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